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Extension of Premises - Food Establishment

  1. Extension of Premises - Food Establishment
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  3. Ext of Premise Food Service
  4. Local Jurisdiction - Fire Marshall
    If cooking outside of the premises, additional approvals may be needed from the local jurisdiction to ensure compliance with other codes (e.g. Fire Marshall). If the establishment is located in unincorporated Maricopa County, please contact the Planning & Development Department at 602.506.8573 or
  5. State
  6. Questionnaire
    Please answer the questions below providing as much detail to convey your operational plans.
  7. e.g. 10 parking spaces and 50 square feet of sidewalk.
  8. Note: Advanced preparation (breading, chopping, mixing, marinating) should take place inside the permitted kitchen.
  9. Note: The handwash station must be complete, accessible, and functioning with warm water available (approximately 100°F). There must be adequate water, soap, and paper towels available. The waste water catch bucket (tank) must be 15% larger than fresh water container (tank). Waste water must be disposed of in a sanitary water (e.g. mop sink).
  10. Please upload all equipment schematics/cut sheets for equipment that will be used outside, including the handwashing sink (temporary or self-contained handwashing sink).
  11. Please provide an exterior layout using an aerial picture (like google maps) or hand draw the site and detail the following: address, seating location, location of equipment, handwashing sink, fire hydrant(s), fire lane(s), ADA parking spot(s).
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