When did the Plat index go online?
Although the exact date is not known for sure, it was on or a few days before May 2nd 2001.

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1. What records are in the Plat Index?
2. I can access the plat but it is unreadable.
3. When I click on the "Plat Name" it displays the following error "The page cannot be found".
4. When did the Plat index go online?
5. I have or know of a lot of survey plats that cover land in Maricopa County which are not recorded, I would like to get them indexed, what should I do?
6. I would like to volunteer my time to help index plats, who do I contact? How does it work? Are there specified times?
7. Why are the following fields often blank?
8. When did the database start linking the Amended Surveys and/or Certification of Corrections to the original survey?
9. Are there some recorded plats not in the database? If so, which ones?
10. I can not find my question in this list.