Weather Outlook

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Date & Time: 06/19/2019 10:55 AM MST

Forecaster: Field, B.


Persistence is the main theme today with near average temps and dry as a bone. A weather disturbance well to our north will cause temperatures to dip below normal this weekend along with breezy conditions. Unfortunately, the uptick in winds combined with the lack of moisture will increase the fire danger. Looking towards the beginning of next week, more of below normal conditions are in store.
For today, expect Valley highs to top out around 100° F - 104° F with clear and sunny skies. Southwesterly winds dominate the region and peak in the evening around 10 mph with no gusts of consequence. Overnight lows will range in the mid-70s for most urban locales and low 80s for lower desert areas under clear skies.

Tomorrow, expect clear skies and breezy conditions with afternoon high between 100° F - 104° F for the Valley and up to 105° F for lower deserts / Gila Bend. Evening winds from the southwest, gust up to about 17 mph. Overnight lows will remain in the mid-70s under clear skies. Friday is slightly cooler with afternoon highs in the 97° F - 101° F range and clear skies. Southwest winds increase with gusts up to 22 mph towards the evening hours.
This weekend to be abnormally mild for June, with Saturday being the coolest, temperatures are on track to be approximately 10 degrees below normal and slightly breezy. To be continued (on a future Outlook) …

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