Warrants Call-In

Juvenile Warrant Call-In

Do you have a juvenile warrant?

Call 602-506-2676 or 602-506-4284 to request a Call-in Warrant Hearing.

If You Have a Warrant

  • Juveniles who have had warrants issued by the Juvenile Court in Maricopa County may call into the juvenile court and have a warrant hearing set by the next business day.
  • Once the child appears in person at the scheduled hearing, the warrant will be quashed. Once the warrant is quashed, it is no longer in effect.
  • Until the warrant is quashed in court, the warrant will remain in effect and the child may be apprehended by the police and brought to detention.

If You Call in

  • Juveniles who call in and attend their scheduled warrant hearing avoid being locked up in juvenile detention before going to court.
  • Instead of being booked into juvenile detention, the juvenile may appear directly in front of the judge without being detained first.
  • Once the juvenile appears before the court, the judge will determine whether the child will remain released or be taken into detention.

To Request a Call-in Hearing

  1. Call 602-506-2676 (SEF/Mesa) or 602-506-4284 (Durango).
  2. Request a Voluntary Call-in Warrant Hearing.
  3. Court staff will schedule a hearing for later that day or the next business day.
  4. Show up to your court hearing in person.
  5. The judge will hear your case.
  6. Once the judge hears your case the warrant will no longer be in effect.
  7. The judge decides whether you should remain released or should be taken into detention.
Your hearing will be scheduled based upon the date and time that you call. Be on time for court.

You cannot attend the court hearing over the phone. The warrant will not be erased until you come to your court hearing.

Hearing Schedule

Date & Time of Phone Call
Warrant Hearing
Monday - Friday, before 10 a.m.
Same day at 1:30 p.m.
Monday - Thursday after 10 a.m.
Next day at 1:30 p.m.
Friday after 10 a.m., Saturday, or Sunday
Monday at 1:30 p.m.

Court Locations

The Durango court is located at:
3131 West Durango Street
Phoenix, AZ 85009

The Southeast (Mesa) Court is located at:
1810 South Lewis
Mesa, AZ 85210
Juvenile Court Building

Important Notice

A juvenile who already has an attorney should also attempt to contact his or her attorney prior to the hearing. This will aid the attorney in effectively advocating for the child. The child should also appear on time for the hearing; the warrant will not be erased until the child appears in front of the judge.

To reach the Juvenile attorneys of the Public Advocate's Office:
  • For Durango Juvenile attorneys call 602-372-9560
  • For Southeast Juvenile attorneys call 602-372-2815