Driver's License Suspension

License Suspension Under 18

Violation Suspension Period
4-244.9 1st Report of Possession of Liquor (28-3320D) Up to 180 days, Court ordered
4-224.9 2nd or Subsequent Possession of Liquor (28-3320A7) 2 years or until 18th birthday, Court ordered
4-244.33 Under 21 driving or in physical control of motor vehicle w/spirituous liquor in the person's body (28-3320A1) 2 years
28-1381 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (28-3320A1) 2 years
28-1382 Extreme DUI 2 years
28-1383 Aggravated DUI 3 years
13-1602A1 Criminal Damage/Defacing Property (28-3320A3) Until 18th birthday
13-1602A5 Graffiti (28-3320A4) Until 18th birthday
13-1604A Aggravated Criminal Damage (28-3320A3) N/A
13-1802 Theft (28-3302A8) Until 18th birthday
13-1803 Unlawful Use of Means of Transportation (28-3320A8) Until 18th birthday
13-1814 Theft of Means of Transportation (28-3320A8) Until 18th birthday
Title 13, Chapter 34 (Any provision) Drug Offenses (28-3320A6) Until 18th birthday
Any statute or ordinance involving purchase or possession of materials used for graffiti (28-3320A5) Until 18th birthday

Additional Notes

A.R.S. § 28-3320 (B)
If ordered by the court, the department shall restrict the person’s privilege to drive - (home, school, and employment).

Motor Vehicle Division and the Courts manual as of September 30, 2009