Property Classification

  1. Penalty Notice Letter
  2. Reclassification Notice
  3. Reclassification Claim
  4. Change of Address

Penalty Notice Letter

If you have received a Notice stating that a civil penalty has been assessed on your property and this is your primary occupied residence, you may appeal the penalty by filing the following form:
                       Property Tax Penalty Appeal Form (fillable PDF).

The criteria for distinguishing primary residence is defined in A.R.S. §42-12053.

You have until September 28, 2020, 30 days from the date of the Notice of Civil Penalty, to:

  1. Complete the appeal form,
  2. Attach the proper proof of residency showing occupant's name (either property owner or qualifying family member) and property address (see list of Supporting Documentation and Qualifying Family Member definition below), and
  3. Submit (via mail, fax or email - only 1 method of return is needed) the appeal form along with proof of residency to:

                   Maricopa County Clerk of the Board
                   301 West Jefferson Street, 10th Floor
                   Phoenix, AZ 85003
                   Email the Clerk (

Proof of Primary Residency is satisfied with ONE of the following three types of documents:


    To expedite the processing of your request, please submit one of the following three proof of primary residency supporting documents (per AZ Department of Revenue) with your completed form:
    1. Driver's License - Must show occupant's name and the property address
    2. Voter Registration Card - Must show occupant's name and the property address
    3. Copy of a Portion of Your Last Income Tax Return - Must show occupant's name and the property address - Please do not send entire form - only name and address section.  If providing tax return documentation, please also provide a secondary form of documentation:
      • Motor Vehicle Registration - Must show occupant's name and the property address
      • Electric/Gas/Water utility bill - Must show occupant's name, with the 'mail to' and 'service address' same as the property address

Qualifying Family Member

Primary residency status for additional home(s) may be claimed if the home is occupied by a qualifying family member, and the family member can provide one of the above supporting documentation showing it is their primary residence.  A Qualifying Family Member, as defined by A.R.S. §42-12053, is: 
  • Child-in-law or parent-in-law
  • Natural or adopted sibling
  • Owner's natural or adopted child or descendant of the owner's child
  • Parent or ancestor of the owner's parent
  • Stepchild or stepparent   
For more information regarding the appeal procedures, please contact the Clerk of the Board at 602-506-3766.