City Limits

Maricopa County city boundaries can be found by using our GIS Road Information Tool (map). The map shows city boundaries based on the most current annexation information from approved County resolutions submitted to the Real Estate Division. The information provided is for your convenience and should only be used as a guide.

Step 1Open up the Road Information Tool online map. There will be an initial disclaimer page and then the application will open. The default layer displays all County roadways.

Road Information Tool Figure 1Road Information Tool Figure 2

Step 2

In the left side layers listing, you will need to check the box for Municipal Annexations, which will turn on the shapes showing the city limits. After the layer is visible, you may zoom in/out and pan around to locate areas you need. 
Road Information Tool Figure 3

Step 3

If you open up the menu tree of the Municipal Annexations, you can view a colored legend for the cities. If you click on the map, a small dialog box will pop up allowing you see more information about the parcel selected.
Road Information Tool Figure 4Road Information Tool Figure 5