Lost Pet Help

Getting Started

  1. If your pet is microchipped contact your microchip company immediately.   If you don't know where your chip is registered you can look up your microchip here: https://www.aaha.org/your-pet/pet-microchip-lookup/microchip-search/
  2. Make a lost report Maricopa County Animal Care & Control.  This can either be done in person at the shelter or by calling 602-372-4598.  
  3. Hang signs/fliers in your lost area as quickly as possible. If your first round of signs/fliers don't work then go bigger, brighter and farther with your signs/fliers. Some of the links below include the ability to help you make a flier for your lost pet.  If your pet is microchipped be sure that all signs/fliers and online posts clearly state the pet is microchipped.
  4. Conduct a physical search for your pet looking in common hiding places (under bushes, cars, inside of sheds, behind or under furniture or other fixtures)   in your yard and neighborhood.   Ask your neighbors to do the same.   Lost pets are often hiding and this is especially true for lost cats.  
  5. Place familiar scent items outside at front and back of your home to attempt to lure your pet back.  Items like pet's favorite toys/bedding or owner's worn t-shirt are common scent items.   
  6. Visit nearby veterinarians to see if you pet has been brought in for a scan.   Ask if you can leave a flier for your lost pet. 
  7. Spread the word online that you are looking for your pet. Your community or area may have their own Facebook pages specific to the area and/or lost/found pets in the area. Some suggested resources to start posting:
  8. Once you have started to make your reports, hang signs/fliers and make your posts it is important that you are monitoring your emails, text messages and phone calls for information about your pet or about possible matches to your pet.   Follow up on each lead or potential match.  Use the same resources above to search for possible matches to your pet. A person who finds your pet may start posting looking for you.
  9. Be cautious about potential scams.  Do not reply to messages asking for verification codes and be extremely cautious about people attempting to get money or other material goods from you in exchange for your pet, for information about your pet or to help you find your pet. 

Visit Your Shelters

  1. No matter where you live or where your pet was picked up your pet could go to several different locations.  This is especially true if you live near, or your pet was picked up near, an area that borders other cities, counties or jurisdictions.  
  2. If a pet enters the shelter with no identification and no microchip detected the holding period is 72 hours.  A pet can be at the shelter much longer than 72 hours but some pets do leave the shelter quickly so you should visit frequently to be sure you find your pet as quickly as possible.  Large facilities in Maricopa County listed below:
    • Maricopa County Animal Care & Control-West 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85009
    • Maricopa County Animal Care & Control-East 2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa, AZ 85201
    • Arizona Humane Society Sunnyslope Campus 9226 N. 13th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021.
    • Arizona Humane Society Campus for Compassion 1521 W Dobbins Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85041
    • If you live near a neighboring county or near an Indian Reservation visit those shelters as well.
  3. Some shelters have areas that require a staff escort to search.  Make sure to ask if the shelter has any areas that require an escort to search and request an escort to search those areas. At the Maricopa County Animal Control facility in Phoenix this area is call the "S-Wing"

Monitor Shelter Intakes Online Daily

  1. On the days when you are unable to visit your shelters it is important to monitor intakes each day to be sure that you find your pet as quickly as possible.  Your shelters try to post found pets in several places but not every pet will be found or posted where anticipated.
  2. Some suggested links to get your started to monitor area intakes:

Continue to Post & Monitor Until Your Pet is Recovered

  1. Continue to work the steps until your pet is found.
  2. Visit https://www.lostdogsarizona.org/ for more tips, information and encouragement.  
  3. Please do not give up! Your pet is counting on you