The Environmental Services Department permit dropbox and the office located at 501 N. 44th Street are permanently closed. The dropbox for paper plans is available to customers at our new location: 301 W. Jefferson St., Suite # 170, Phoenix AZ, 85003.

Please remember you can also submit an application electronically to our Department by following the steps outlined on our Permits, Forms, and Applications page.

The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department is the local agency responsible for ensuring food is prepared in a safe manner, with the required permits, for all types of food vending within Maricopa County. 

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  2. Cottage Food Program
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Maricopa County supports local businesses and their efforts in providing safe food to county residents and its visitors. Most food sales in Maricopa County, whether on the internet or in person, require proper food permitting and inspection. 

As required in the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code, Chapter 1, Regulation 4(a),

“No person shall conduct an operation or an establishment for which a permit is required without holding the necessary and valid permit to do so.”

Other than those that fall under the AZ Cottage Food Program, food that is prepared from a private residence is not inspected by Maricopa County and therefore there is no guarantee it has been prepared safely using adequate hand washing and temperature control. These measures are vital to ensure food is safe to eat and will not make anyone sick.

  1. Phone: 602-506-6824