Notice Re: Future Time Off Requests in the Transition to Workday

As we continue identifying the parameters for the transition to Workday, we wanted to provide some information about how future-date time off requests will be handled as we transition systems.

As a reminder, the new go-live date for all Workday modules is 9/19/22.

Existing time-off requests submitted in ADP for any date after 9/18/2022 will not be carried over to Workday.

Managers and timekeepers should start auditing existing requests now with a plan to do a second audit in August to ensure there are no time-off requests in ADP for any time after 9/18/2022. Please cancel existing requests that are on or after 9/19/2022 and communicate with employees your interim approval and tracking process outlined below.

We recommend employees and managers handle requests for time off for dates after 9/18/22 via email so both parties have documentation. Departments may identify an internal interim approval and tracking process if they choose. (Please keep in mind that these time-off requests may be considered conditionally approved pending the employee’s requested time-off hours do not exceed their balance).

On 9/19/2022, when employees first get access to Workday, these time-off requests can be submitted in Workday or added to the employee’s timecard.

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ADP Upgrade Notice

The ADP eTime system upgrade is complete. You may access your account through the ADP Portal using your existing username and password.

  • You may begin using timestamp to enter your time now. Your supervisor, manager, or timekeeper will be entering any time recorded via paper since 12/7; please get this to them ASAP
  •  Please note, timeclock punches may take up to 24 hours to populate onto the timecard as the device reconnects to the system
  • User guides and videos can be found on the ADP Project Page.  If you experience any issues, please contact adptimeupgrade@maricopa.gov.