Remediation Activities

September Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)


Soil vapor extraction, or “SVE,” extracts (removes) contaminant vapors from below ground for treatment above ground. Vapors are the gases that form when chemicals evaporate. SVE extracts vapors from the soil above the water table by applying a vacuum to pull the vapors out. The air is then filtered through a series of filtration tanks before being discharged. Discharged air meets all applicable air quality standards.

Since full scale start up in September of 2015, the SVE has extracted over 44,000 pounds of VOCs. It is currently estimated to be extracting approximately 200 pounds per month. Monitoring has indicated an overall decrease in TCE concentrations at all soil vapor depths.

Water Treatment System (WTS)

STATUS AS OF 1/9/2021 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION (see each phase for details)

Phase 1 GWTS Photo 1Phase I - Water Treatment System (ready for commissioning)

The Water Treatment System is ready to be commissioned. This process will require 2-3 days of intermittent system operation including groundwater extraction. Because the Phase 3 infrastructure is still in the process of being permitted and constructed, extracted groundwater will be discharged to the retention basin on the south end of the landfill following treatment. Before treated water is discharged to the basin, it will be pumped into a temporary holding tank and sampled to confirm adequate removal of trichloroethylene (i.e. <5 micrograms/liter). Once we have results from the lab indicating the treated groundwater is acceptable to discharge we will commence with commissioning activities.

pipePhase II - Conveyance Pipeline (complete)

Construction is complete. The sub-grade, 8-inch diameter pipe has been installed from the Groundwater Treatment System (on the landfill property) to the injection well located on City of Phoenix property at 4050 Sleepy Ranch Road. Restoration of the installation site and vegetation is also complete and Wood Environmental is working with the City of Phoenix to close the building permit.

Phase III - Injection Well (under construction)

There are three sub-phases to Phase III

Phase III, Sub-phase A (complete) is the well itself. The well has been drilled and developed to a depth of 1,600 feet below surface level. Once the entire system is complete, clean water will be injected into the groundwater at a depth of greater than 1,000 feet below surface level. The pump will be submerged in the well approximately 1,000 feet below the surface.

Construction of the well itself is complete.

wallPhase III, Sub-phase B (under construction) is the well security and screening. Neighbors around the 4050 E Sleepy Ranch Road well site have worked with the County to ensure a decorative wall and landscaping. Site components will be kept below the wall height. The injection pump will be a submergible pump installed some 1,000 feet below the surface. (Note: picture is a rendering only and is not intended to show detailed features.)

Construction of the wall is complete and planting of trees and shrubs on three sides is complete. The last of the landscaping will be restored once the final utility work has also been completed.

Phase III, Sub-phase C (in planning/ permitting) is the equipment necessary for the injection process. It includes a submergible pump, an electrical vault, a partially underground tank, and piping.

The design phase of the equipment for injection is complete and pending final approval. Work is expected to begin in February of 2021. (Note: Larger picture is available in the images folder.)