Healthcare Providers

  • GUIDANCE FOR FULLY VACCINATED INDIVIDUALS: To stay updated on the most current recommendations  visit the CDC website for details.
  • COVID-19 VACCINE: Healthcare workers are eligible to be vaccinated for COVID-19. For more on who is eligible and how to book an appointment, please see our COVID-19 vaccine page
  • TRIAGE LINE FOR HOMELESS PATIENTS: Get help with transport or shelter for a PUI/Covid patient experiencing homelessness.

Guidance Documents for COVID-19

Infection Prevention and Control

Additional Documents for Healthcare Providers

Additional Resources

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Healthcare and Long-Term Care

Join us every other Tuesday for a question and answer session on COVID-19 and Maricopa County Department of Public Health’s response to this ongoing public health emergency for healthcare providers and long-term care facilities. Prior to each webinar we will solicit questions via this form as well as take written questions live during the webinar.

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