Healthcare Providers

The CDC released guidance for the decontamination and reuse of facemasks. We are now accepting donations of PPE to supply local hospitals and clinics with the personal protective equipment they need.

Guidance Documents for COVID-19

Healthcare Providers

Infection Control



Additional Resources

MCDPH Webinars for Healthcare Professionals (Register for the webinars every Tuesday)


Documents from State and County Public Health

Online Resources for National, State, and Local Public Health

  • General information: MCDPH, ADHS, and CDC websites
  • Information for Healthcare Professionals:
    • CDC website
    • MCDPH guidance for evaluation of a patient with suspected COVID-19 infection (below)
  • Management of patients with confirmed coronavirus disease 2019: CDC website
  • Infection control:
    • Guidance from Arizona Department of Health (above)
    • CDC website
    • Attached example visual alert for posting at the entrance and strategic places in English and Spanish (see above)
  • Early epidemiology of cohort with COVID-19 in China: As described in NEJM
  • State Licensing: