About Previous Research on Community Health

About the Community Health Assessment

A CHA, or Community Health Assessment, collects and analyzes data to understand the health needs of a given community. Assessments examine issues such as:

  • Risk factors for disease, illness and mortality
  • Community conditions that impact health, such as education, housing, and economics
  • Inequities in health
  • Quality of life

The assessment can help identify and prioritize health problems, and facilitate planning and actions to address those problems. Sharing information from a CHA can bring community members together to build a healthier community and prevent disease.

The following bars provide more information about the priorities:

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The CHA is a combination of multiple sets of data that have been carefully analyzed to understand what they tell us about the community's health. We've put together an overview of each part of the CHA. 

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What happens with all this information? Community partners come together to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). This report details what goals are set to address the priorities, what community agencies are supporting the work, and more. 

Past Assessments

Maricopa County's first Community Health Assessment (CHA) was conducted from 2011-2012. The associated Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) functioned from 2012-2017. 

Review the CHIP 2012-2017 Final Report to learn what we accomplished.

Community Health Assessment (CHA) 2.0 Reports and Tools 

Complete Community Health Assessment ReportCommunity Health StatusCommunity Surveys
Focus GroupsKey Informant InterviewsLocal Public Health System Assessment

Community Health Assessment (CHA) 1.0 Reports and Tools

CHA OverviewCommunity Action PlanReport on CHA Findings
Community Health Survey (Partners)Community Themes and Strengths AssessmentFocus Group and Survey Tools
Forces of Change AssessmentHealth Status Report AssessmentLocal Public Health System Assessment

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 1.0 Reports and Tools

CHIP ReportFinal CHIP Work Plan