Version 5.6.0

Build Date: August 1, 2018
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About Drainage Design Management System for Windows, Version 5.6.0

The Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) program was initially developed as a pre-processing tool for HEC-1 modeling. In recent years, functionalities of the DDMSW program have been extended to include Storm Drainage Hydraulics and River Mechanics.

New Features of DDMSW 5.6.0

DDMSW 5.6.0 offers many program enhancements including an option for users to run two different versions of DDMSW simultaneously. Other new features and capabilities are listed below:


  • Update Infiltration Losses for imported HEC-1 models
  • HEC-1 HC Card Cumulative Area Tool
  • NSTPS values are now integrated in the Routing report
  • Shows zero values (instead of blank) in Storage Facilities form and Report
  • Includes Volume calculation in the Hydrology Summary for Rational Method analysis
  • Includes Time to Peak values in the Hydrology Summary Results and Report for HEC-1
  • Distinct lines for Envelope curves and symbol for Diversion elements
  • Enhanced labels and mouse tips
  • Upgraded Storage Facilities Form for Storage Routing Analysis.
  • Fixed numeric overflow error with channel hydraulics computation
  • Added new land use codes for HEC-1 and Rational Method

River Mechanics

  • 2012 HEC-18 (5th Edition) Implementation – Pressure Flow Scour
  • 2012 HEC-18 (5th Edition) Implementation – Pier Scour Influence Zone
  • 2012 HEC-18 (5th Edition) Implementation – NCHRP 24-20 Abutment Scour
  • 2012 HEC-18 (5th Edition) Implementation – NCHRP 24-20 Guide Bank Scour
  • Modified labels on Long Term tab of Total Scour form
  • Modified labels on Local Scour tab for Grade Control Structure
  • Values on Bed Form tab updated
  • Hydraulic calculations in River Mechanics for rectangular cross section updated
  • Equilibrium slope long term scour calculation updated
  • Modified various labels and mouse tips
  • Local scour for Abutment method updated
  • Guide Bank local scour updated
  • Local scour selection label updated
  • Riprap thickness calculation updated
  • Fixed error with bedload parameters
  • Fixed error with contraction scour along with Neil’s equation

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Carlos Carriaga.