Climate and Health Champions Previous Awardees

The 2018 Winners are...

Organization Category:

Pinnacle Prevention

pinnacle-logo Opens in new windowPinnacle Prevention is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to growing healthy families and communities. Under the incredible leadership of executive director Adrienne Udarbe, Pinnacle Prevention is responsible for implementing the Double Up Food Bucks program in Arizona. Double Up Food Bucks helps Arizonans who use SNAP/EBT (formerly food stamps) bring home more fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers. This program is ultimately championing a sustainable food system, which is critical for improving health equity and combating the effects of climate-related health hazards in our state.

“The Double Up AZ program doubles the value of SNAP/EBT (formerly food stamps) benefits used at farmers markets across Arizona, helping people bring home more healthy fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers.” -Adrienne Udarbe, Pinnacle Prevention.

Business Category:

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

salt-river-fields-logo Opens in new windowAt the onset of the 2018 Spring Training Season, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, owned and operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, partnered with Major League Baseball and Arizona State University to launch a “Recycle Rally” initiative to analyze waste stream practices within the ballpark. With input from sustainability partners, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick will continue to adopt ecofriendly best practices such as composting, recycling, and other zero waste strategies. Additionally, throughout the Spring Training Season, Salt River Fields had the unique opportunity to engage with over 300,000 fans from across the country by providing fun, interactive educational activities to promote recycling and waste reduction practices.

“Sustainability and the environment have always been at the forefront at Salt River Fields, as we are a LEED Gold Certified facility, and taking care of our environment is a critical mission for the Salt River Community and both of our teams. We are proud to be recognized as an environmental champion!” -Dave Dunne, Salt River Fields.

Individual Category:

Stacey Champion

stacey-championStacey Champion is a dedicated and passionate community and environmental advocate in the Valley. For nearly 20 years, Champion has dedicated her time and effort to protecting and improving the environment in Arizona. Champion is the owner of Champion PR + Consulting, and she formerly operated her own environmental consulting firm for 10 years. She has consistently worked on projects and initiatives, both professionally and as a volunteer, directly tied to climate change and environmental justice. She has served on numerous environmental boards and committees throughout the years and has written many articles on sustainability and environmental issues. Champion’s dedication and repeated action is unmatched. She continuously makes the environment her priority, and with her on its side, Arizona will continue to take steps toward climate-resiliency and health equity.

“Those of us who donate countless hours over many years to help educate, inspire and engage the community because we care, often go unnoticed, so this {award} was a lovely surprise. I truly believe every single one of us has the opportunity to make a difference, big or small”. -Stacey Champion.

Youth Category:

Trevor G. Browne High School Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) Coalition

STAND-logo Opens in new windowTrevor G. Browne (TGB) STAND coalition members have been diligently working in their community since 2013 to bring change by shaping policy, systems and environment to foster clean air and healthy living. The coalition has been actively working to make El Oso park tobacco-free. The youth presented a tobacco-free policy initiative to the Parks and Rec Board which was approved for two years. They presented an update on their two-year pilot tobacco-free policy at El Oso…which assured the continuation of the tobacco-free park policy…. TGB STAND youth have conducted regular surveys, observations and park cleanups since the inception of the pilot program. In addition, they organized a health fair and participated in others to inform the community about the tobacco-free policy at El Oso.

“Being given the Climate and Health Champion Award means the Trevor G. Browne S.T.A.N.D. students recognized for making a positive impact in our community and we will continue to do so! Thank you for the opportunity and for recognizing their efforts!” -Christina Salazar, School Counselor

The following is a list of ALL award nominees. Thank you for your hard work in making Maricopa County a healthier place to live, learn, work and play!

Individual Category:

  • Stacey Champion
  • Jillian Feltham
  • David Hondula
  • Cynthia Zwick

Youth Category:

  • Ironwood High School Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) anti-tobacco youth coalition
  • Trevor G. Browne High School Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) anti-tobacco youth coalition