Central Shelter Expansion

MCACC Durango Shelter

The animal shelter on 27th Avenue is located minutes away from a major interstate (I-17) on Maricopa County’s Durango campus.  Current plans call for this location to be expanded and renovated to better serve animals and the customers who want to surrender or adopt them.  The Board of Supervisors allocated money for the design phase of the project in late 2017.  Here are some of the current programs, services, and initiatives that could be expanded or improved at a renovated central shelter.

Pet Projects Program

As part of our Pet Projects program, staff and volunteers work to rehabilitate scared, shy, or kennel-aggressive dogs who might otherwise be euthanized.  For many, the first step is simply getting out of the kennel.  An expanded central location would increase the space in which these dogs can socialize and hopefully come out of their shells.

Support Services

MCACC provides judgment-free support services before and after adoption. An expanded central location would increase our ability to provide a high standard of customer service for everyone.


Approximately 1,000 volunteers give their time and energy to the dogs and cats at the current Maricopa County animal shelters.  An expanded central location would be designed with those volunteers in mind, providing amenities such as lockers and break rooms in addition to increased space to play with and train pets.