Maricopa County Permitting Conference


Partnering for Better Business

Maricopa County Air Quality, Environmental Services, Flood Control District, Planning and Development, Department of Transportation and the Ombudsman’s Offices joined forces to provide a one-day Partnering for Better Business Permitting Conference on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018. Businesses that may have multiple county permits had the opportunity to hear from and interact with department directors and representatives during this informative one-day event. Panel and presentation topics designed to assist businesses with permit applications and expedite the permitting process include:

  • Innovations in Survey Data Capture, Drones, Reality
    Mapping and 3D Visualization
  • County Planning Overview
  • Environmental Services Open House
  • Planning and Development Technology
  • Protecting Arizona's Military Facilities
  • Air Quality Business Assistance, Permitting and Compliance
  • Flood Control District Technology
  • Selecting the Best Tree for Your Project
  • Big Data and Analytics at Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)