General Eligibility of EASE

1. Eligibility for E.A.S.E. is limited to full-time County employees who have been employed by the County for at least one (1) year. 
2. Temporary employees, contract employees and part-time employees are not eligible to receive assistance, except for the following: 
  • Contract employees who have been continuously employed for at least one (1) year and who are employed full-time by the County.
  • Contract employees who have returned to work following a regularly scheduled non-paid work period and who have worked for the County for at least 12 months in the immediately preceding 24-month period and who are employed full-time by the County.
3. Eligible County employees may receive assistance for eligible expenses when medical and/or Human Services-Related Emergency expenses are not covered by employer-provided benefit plans, supplemental insurance policies and/or programs available through other community service organizations in the County.

4. Employees are eligible to receive E.A.S.E. assistance twice in a life-time. At least twenty-four (24) months must pass from the first receipt to the second.