Animal Surrenders

Giving up a family pet is never an easy decision. Sometimes individuals must do so because of an unexpected life change or an emergency situation. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control's primary mission is to take care of lost and stray animals and reunite them with their owners or find them new homes. We accept owned animals on a case-by-case basis and do not accept owner-surrendered animals at our Animal Care Centers without an appointment. We must also suspend all owner-surrender requests when the shelter's capacity for care is at maximum. (When the shelter is in the "Red Zone.") Please consider alternatives to surrendering your pet (see below) or visit Arizona Pet Project's website or Arizona Humane Society's Pet Resource Center website for additional resources.

Schedule an Appointment
Call 602-506-PETS(7387) for more information.

Surrender Fees

A surrender fee of $75 for dogs will be collected at the time of the owner surrender, no exceptions will be made. The relinquishment fee for cats is $96 for a stray and $75 for an owned cat.