Housing and Community Development Programs/Services

The Housing and Community Development Division partners with community and governmental organizations to expand affordable housing, support shelter and rapid re-housing for homeless adults and families, weatherize homes, revitalize neighborhoods, and improve community infrastructure, facilities, and services. Funded through a wide array of county, state, federal, and non-profit agencies, these services focus on improving the lives of low to moderate income individuals and households and their communities they reside.

Through the Weatherization and Maricopa County Home Improvement Programs (MCHIP), the Division directly provides home and energy efficiency services to eligible homeowners in the County. The program relies on an innovative centralized inquiry system which assists with efficient response time and funding leveraged from a number of sources. Services offered include:

  • Major/Minor home repairs

  • Emergency home repairs

  • Weatherization and energy efficiency services

  • Repair or replacement of utility-related appliances