About Constables

A part of the Arizona justice system since the territorial days of the state, a Constable is an elected officer of the county for the Justice Precinct and must live in the precinct to which elected.

Executive & Enforcement Branch

The Constable serves the criminal and civil process of the Justice Courts and other legal parties. Constables are the Executive and Enforcement Branch of the Justice Court.

Elected Officials

One Justice of the Peace and one Constable is elected to each precinct. Constables stand for election every four years. The Constable and Justice of the Peace are the last truly locally elected officials of our justice system, making them the only officials of the courts responsible to the voters. Constables are elected to reflect the values and concerns of the community.

Fees Collected

State law sets fees collected by the court for Constable services. Fees go to the general fund, not to the Constable.
A Constable knocking at a residence to serve a subpoena

Duties, Powers & Prohibitions by State Law

Arizona revised Statute 22-131 provides guidance on the powers, duties, and prohibited acts governing Constables.

Section A

Constables shall attend the courts of justices of the peace within their precincts when required, and within their counties execute, serve and return all processes and notices directed or delivered to them by a justice of the peace of the county or by competent authority.

In addition to any other provision of law these duties may be enforced by the presiding judge of the superior court in the county, including the use of the power of contempt.

Section B

The Arizona law enforcement officer advisory council shall provide a training course for constables which will be provided at least semiannually. Constables shall be required to attend the next available training course subsequent to their employment.

Section C

Constables, with the consent of and at salaries fixed by the board of supervisors, may appoint deputies, stenographers, clerks and assistants necessary to conduct the affairs of their offices. The appointments shall be in writing and filed in the office of the county recorder.

Section D

The provisions of law relating to sheriffs, so far as applicable, shall govern the powers, duties and liabilities of constables.

Our Mission

The mission of the Constables is to provide execution of mandated civil and criminal process to citizens of Maricopa County so they can receive timely, cost effective and professional service.