Diversity & Inclusion

Maricopa County’s diversity and inclusion strategies are focused on creating an engaged workforce representative of the citizens we serve and reflective of the changing demography of our communities.

We recognize that diversity and inclusion are prominent factors that can maximize the success of our workplace by bringing in different experience levels and perspectives.  Our employees reflect the different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and abilities inherent in the larger population of the County. Diversity and inclusion are global visions in today’s marketplace and Maricopa County realizes that by understanding, respecting and using creatively the differences of our employees, we will continue to meet the needs of the citizens we serve.

Diversity and inclusion strategies are specifically tied to Maricopa County's Government Operations Strategic Priority.

Government Operations
Maricopa County will deploy an effective and efficient infrastructure to implement streamlined policies and procedures to improve delivery of services and promote a healthy workplace and a fully engaged workforce.

We are dedicated to maintaining a diverse, engaged and innovative workforce and to equip County employees with the tools and technology they need to do their jobs safely and well.  The foundation of our diversity and inclusion strategies are to clearly articulate to both our employees and the general public our intention to create a culture that enhances our ability to hire, retain, develop, manage and promote a diverse, engaged workforce. In managing diversity and inclusion, it is our goal to recognize, reward and compensate employees based upon the merit of their contributions. The significant cultural, social and economic dividends arising from our diverse employee base will ensure in the future our ability to provide sound government to the residents of Maricopa County.