Teen Health

Maricopa County Teen Health Program

The Maricopa County Teen Health Program in the Office of School Health and Wellness Initiatives works with teens around Maricopa County to equip them with information and resources needed to gain important life skills and successfully transition into adulthood. Alongside families and a strong community network, this program is aimed to help reduce teen pregnancy, advance self-worth and increase personal and professional opportunities.
A teenage girls standing with three teenagers sitting in the background

Through free workshops, parents and caring adults of youth ages 11-19, are provided with the knowledge and skills they need to encourage their teens to say "no" to risky behaviors and "yes" to healthy decisions and a successful life. Students and parents are provided with an evidence-based curriculum proven to equip and strengthen lifestyle choices aimed at healthy living for both the teens and their families.

Teen Health Education (Trained Youth Development Educators)
Schools will select one of the following two educational tracks. Both curriculum are scientifically evaluated and demonstrated to be effective in achieving desired outcomes.

  1. Reducing the Risk (RTR)
  2. Making Proud Choices (MPC)

Sixteen 45 minute lessons that equip students with the attitude and skills to make healthy choices focused on practicing abstinence. RTR further prepares teens with skills that can protect them against pregnancy and STD/HIV if they choose to engage in risky behaviors. RTR education and conversation focuses on negotiation-refusal skills, condom use skills, role-play exercises, and other decisions regarding sexual behavior.

"Let's Talk" Parent Workshop

The hosting organizations will receive a teen pregnancy prevention presentation and will select an additional relevant topic of their choice for the second half of the workshop such as Internet and media safety, self-esteem, peer pressure, and alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse and misuse, including marijuana.

Workshop Details

  • Facilitator led, program to parents/guardians of youth ages 11-19 or who attend high school.
  • Two hour workshops provided in both English and Spanish, can be delivered during school hours, after-school, and at community-based organizations.
  • Workshop includes discussion, role-play, and other informative activities aimed to empower parents to discuss sensitive real-life issues with their teen such as sexuality and human development, healthy relationships, and bullying.


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