Pre-Application Meeting

The Planning and Development Department has designed this service for applicants who would like to meet with staff prior to a planning submittal to guide their efforts and resources.

The primary purpose of a pre-application meeting is to provide an applicant with specific information on process requirements for the applicant's proposal and includes representatives from the following:
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Current Planning
  • Drainage Review
  • Environmental Services
  • Flood Control District
  • Transportation
  • Zoning Plan Review


A pre-application meeting is required for any planning applications that require a citizen review process (Zone Change, Special Use Permit, Military Compatibility Permits, Development Master Plan, Comprehensive Plan Amendment, and Preliminary Plats.)

Proprietary Issue & Fees

Whether or not a proposal is supportable by staff may be discussed, but final determination will not be made until a formal application is evaluated. (Note: the Board of Supervisors can overturn staff's recommendation).

Pre-application meetings are considered proprietary and any information received or discussed is not considered public information. Please see the application packet below for applicable fees.