Notice of Violation (NOV) Status

The NOV Tracker below will provide an update on the status of an agency action resulting from an inspection. Please note that the department will not provide a status update after the regulated individual or entity is notified that no agency action will result from an inspection.

In order to find the NOV you are searching for, simply enter the NOV number. When searching, there will be three status options which may appear:
  • Report in progress
  • Enforcement pending
  • Resolved

Suggestions for Search Criteria

  • When entering the NOV number exclude hyphens, commas, periods or spaces.
  • If the result produces an error message, review your entries for accuracy and spelling and try again.
  • A valid NOV number is needed to perform a search.



Note: We are transitioning to a new database. As of August 17, 2019 the NOV status above may not be correct. For an updated status, please contact the number below.

Contact Us

If you would like further information or an updated NOV status, please contact the department's enforcement group at 602-506-0339.

Page reviewed 19 August 2019