Online Dust Control Permit Applications

Complete a Dust Application, submit, and pay online in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Complete the both a Dust Control Application Form (PDF) and a Dust Control Plan (PDF). Then create your site map based on the requirements listed in the application and using the tips provided on this page.

Attention Homeowners

If the only activities you will be conducting are routine maintenance, landscaping, weed abatement or similar activities using mechanized equipment that is not construction, you may be eligible to complete a Stationary Dust Permit Application (PDF) instead.

Site Map Guidelines

Some of the important things to include on the site map that you create include:

  • Entire project site boundaries
  • Nearest main crossroads
  • North Arrow
  • Area to be disturbed with Linear Dimension
  • Site entrance(s)
  • Save map in PDF format for online submission


Sample Site Map image showing what a completed site map might look like

    Tips & Tricks for Step 1

    • Select an answer for every blank on the form.
    • Be certain to utilize the “Completeness Checker” button on the bottom of each form to ensure you have completed the documents.
    • Save each file in an easily accessible area on your computer as you will need to find and attach these documents in step 3.

    Step 2

    Go to the Air Quality Bill Pay website and create a user login.
    Image of Create User page on the Air Quality Bill Pay website

    Step 3

    Attach your documents and pay.
    Image of Applicant Information and Attachments page of the Air Quality Bill Pay website.

    Have Questions?

    Email them directly to or or call 602-506-6010.
    Page reviewed 22 May 2019