Go Solar for Residential Service

Online Permits

As part of the initiatives to increase the accessibility of our services to our customers, several types of permits may now be submitted online (See Online Services), including residential solar permits – also known as Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

  • Roof-Mounted PV systems are classified as a minor residential electrical permit and are processed online.
  • Ground-Mounted PV systems are classified as a residential accessory permit and can  be submitted on online.

For additional information on solar energy and incentives, you may want to visit Arizona Goes Solar's website. This information is provided by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

  1. Roof-Mounted Solar Panels
  2. Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

When submitting an application and plans for a solar permit, please be sure the files below are provided with the online submittal using the correct naming conventions:

When submitting a modification for an ISSUED solar permit, please be sure the files below are provided in the online submittal with the correct naming conventions:

For a faster and more efficient review, please be sure that the PDF files are properly rotated, flattened and optimized.

For complete submittals with attachments applications will processed within the same business day.  Applications received after 11:00 am, may be processed on the next business day.

Please provide the following information for all roof-mount submissions:

  • List project valuation on the PV Application.
  • Provide a site specific roof design showing the location of all photovoltaic arrays.
  • Provide details on the rack system including mounting hardware.
  • Provide anchoring and fastening details for mounting the rack system to the roof structure.
  • Show location of all equipment.
  • Provide product listing information for the PV array, inverter and related equipment.
  • Indicate compliance with Maricopa County's current adopted edition of the NEC.
  • Provide complete one and three-line electrical drawings for the PV system.
  • Provide manufacturers product information and equipment specifications for the PV system.
  • Provide manufacturer's specifications and product nameplate data for new electrical services, sub-panels and combiner panels.
  • Provide the name of the serving electrical utility.
  • Clearly indicate whether or not the system is utility interactive; if so show the required bi-directional meter on the submitted drawings.

Fee Information

Per Section 208 of the Maricopa County Local Additions and Addenda, the permit fee for a roof-mounted residential solar system is $300. This includes all Administrative and Building Plan Reviews and Building Inspection. Payment of $300 is due upon acceptance of the project.

Checklist for Components

Find the fillable PV Checklist form (PDF).