Director's Message

It is the Department’s mission and goal to prevent and remediate environmental risks to our residents and visitors of Maricopa County. We accomplish this through the efforts of our approximately 300 dedicated professionals who work for various programs and divisions of the Environmental Services Department. While many people may know our Department from the thousands of restaurant inspections we perform every year, we also serve many more environmental related functions. For example, we have programs to ensure that our drinking water is free from contamination, our public and semi public pools are safe to use, our wastewater is properly disposed of and a comprehensive mosquito control program to minimize vector-borne illnesses from spreading.

In carrying out our mission to protect public health and the environment, we will be courteous, professional, flexible, honest and helpful in all dealings with our customers. We will listen actively to our customers so we can better understand and identify their needs so that we will be fully responsive and better provide valuable environmental services and information.

The Department looks forward to the opportunities in our ever changing environment to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our residents to ensure a healthy and safe environment. 

Blanca Caballero, Director 

(602) 506-5211