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The Citizen Access Portal has been updated. Please see the Online Permit Manager Update (PDF) document for step by step instructions.
The Planning and Development Department is striving to provide as many of its services online as possible. We view this as benefiting the customer by providing valuable time and cost savings, as well as improving our environment through paper and travel reduction.

View Regulatory Changes (PDF) for important information.
  1. Minor Permits
  2. Inspection Request
  3. Preview Draft Review Comments

There are several types of Minor Permits each with a different level of review.

These permits are fully automated, online permits.

  • Water Heater - as of March 28, 2012 permits are no longer required to replace an existing water heater provided the work is done in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. However, if you wish to have Maricopa County inspect the work you may apply for a permit.
  • Solar Water Heater with Ground Mounted Tank
  • Irrigation/Lawn Sprinkler System
  • Gas Clearance - No Work Performed
  • Plumbing Repair - Like for Like
    • Equipment, Water, Sewer, or Gas Line
  • Mechanical Repair/Replace Like for Like
    • A/C, Evaporative Cooler, HVAC

Staff processes these permits in 1 to 2 business days and all correspondence is conducted via email.  

  • Electrical Clearance Only - 200 Amps or Less
  • Electrical Upgrade - 0 to 200 Amps
  • Electrical Repair/Replace Like for Like
    • Panel of 200 Amps or Less, Outlets, Fixtures
  • Plumbing - New Gas Line
    • BBQ, Fireplace, Pit, Wok, Kiva, Pool/Spa Heater
  • Propane - Less than 250 gallon Propane Tank
  • Mechanical - New/Upgrade Ground Mounted Unit
    • A/C, Evaporative Cooler, HVAC

Technical / Standard Review:
A site plan is required and these permits are subject to standard review times.

  • Electrical Upgrade / Service over 200 Amps
  • Electric Service to a Shared Well
  • Propane Tanks equal to or larger than 250 gallons
  • Fountain / Water Feature
  • Photovoltaic System - roof mounted
  • Roof-Mounted A/C, Evaporated Cooler, HVAC


  • Commercial projects are now being accepted online. Please see the Electronic Document Review page for more information. 
  • If the property has expired permits, unpermitted structures, open violations or other unresolved concerns, projects will not be accepted via the online process.
  • Electrical Service to vacant land, Travel Trailers, or RV's will not be approved per the Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance.
When you are ready to submit, visit the Online Permit Manager.

Assistance / Customer Service

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