Air Quality Award Programs

Air Quality Spotlight Award

The Air Quality department is proud to present the Spotlight Award to any entity (person, group, or company) who has demonstrated excellence in Air Quality efforts. The recipient is not required to be a permit holder. 
The Spotlight Award is a framed certificate that is presented by the Air Quality staff member who recommended the entity for the award. This award may be presented multiple times throughout the year. 

Spotlight of the Year Award

Near the end of each calendar year, the Air Quality department will select one winner from the Spotlight Award winners of that year to receive the Spotlight of the Year Award. This award will be presented at the next Clean Air Council meeting after a winner is selected.

2020 Spotlight Award - Sonoran Foothills School


2020 Spotlight Award - City of Glendale

Spotlight Photo

2019 Spotlight of the Year Award Winner - David Eatinger and Caliente Construction

2019 spotlight of the year award

2019 Spotlight Award - Terry Ellicott and MR 56, LLC

Courtney M and Terry Ellicott

2019 Spotlight Award - David Eatinger and Caliente Construction

Caliente Construction Inc. Spotlight

2019 Spotlight Award - South Mountain Environmental Education Center

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