Business Assistance

The purpose of the Business Assistance program provides information and technical assistance to small business owners related to air quality rules and regulations, assistance with completing permit applications, and other services for small businesses.

Permit Application Assistance

We understand that, on occasion, when completing an application to obtain a permit you may have questions about the meaning of a term or the proper response needed to submit an accurate application. If you need assistance with completing an application, you may meet in person with a member of our business assistance team or a permit engineer.

Courtesy Site Visits

After a permit is issued, the Department offers a courtesy site visit to come to your facility and assess your level of compliance.  This service allows a facility to make corrections or adjustments to practices before receiving a formal compliance inspection.  A courtesy site visit is advisory in nature and no enforcement action will result from a courtesy site visit.

Rule Interpretation & Education

You may have questions about how a rule applies at your facility or if you change facility operations what must you do to remain compliant. To better understand your obligations you may contact the Business Assistance office for guidance. Our Business Assistance office is also developing rule-explanatory fact sheets and training programs. Our staff may be available (upon request and if available) to conduct training on a specific program area at your location.

Enforcement Case Review

When an inspection reveals non-compliant conditions the inspector may issue either an Opportunity to Correct (OTC) or a Notice of Violation (NOV). Both the OTC and NOV identify actual violations. However, there is no penalty for an OTC provided compliance is achieved in the time frame established by the inspector (usually no more than 10 days). If the recipient of the OTC or NOV believes the violation was issued in error or there are reasons that should be considered and which could overturn the violation, the department offers the opportunity for enforcement case review. You may request review of an OTC or NOV by completing the Enforcement Case Review Form