Manufactured Housing

The value, safety, and code compliance of your structure is heavily dependent on obtaining a building permit prior to construction or installation.

Related Departments

The Department of Environmental Services regulates onsite water systems.
The Department of Transportation regulates areas of Right of Way.
The Flood Control District regulates development within floodplains.

Application Process

Note: The State of Arizona Office of Manufactured Housing has cancelled, effective July 1, 2011, their IGA's (Intergovernmental Agreements) with Maricopa County regarding the permitting for Mobile and Manufactured Homes and for Factory Built Buildings.

Access the informational packet and application (PDF).

Beginning July 1, 2011, all applicants will need to get a Planning and Zoning permit from Maricopa County first, and then go to the State for an Installation Permit. The State Office is located at:
Department of Fire
Building and Life Safety
Office of Manufactured Housing
1110 W Washington
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Call them at 602-364-1003 or visit the state website.

Planning & Zoning Permit

The procedures for obtaining a Planning and Zoning Permit from Maricopa County will remain the same. Full plans and building permit and plan review fees for any additions (such as car or patio covers or porches) or accessory structures (garages or sheds) are still required. Separate tracking numbers for those additions and accessory structures will be assigned. The applicant will still be responsible for all required Building and Drainage Inspections.

Residential Use

Residential uses are not allowed within the high noise or accident potential zone of a military airport (Luke Air Force Base) or ancillary military facility (Luke Auxiliary Airfield Number 1 and the Gila Bend Auxiliary Airfield) unless both Luke Air Force Base and Maricopa County mutually agree that the residential use is compatible and consistent with the high noise or accident potential of the military airport or ancillary military facility. To make such a decision, an application for a Use Compatibility and Consistency Determination (UCCD) must be submitted and approved prior to application for a residential building permit.

Additional Resources

Please see Chapter 10, Section 1010 of Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance (PDF) for specific details. Check to see if your parcel is in a high noise or accident potential zone.