Enrollment Process / After Enrollment

Enrollment Process

A personalized "Benefit Enrollment Worksheet" will be mailed to your home address to assist you in entering your benefit elections online. If you do not make benefit elections within 30 calendar days of your hire date or date of benefits eligibility, you will be automatically enrolled in the benefit plans indicated on your worksheet.

If you have dependents, they will not be covered for any benefits unless you specifically add them to your coverage

To complete your enrollment, log into the Benefit Enrollment System via the ADP Portal. Click on your ‘Newly Eligible Event' and follow the Top Down (PDF) process to elect each benefit. Click on the ‘Submit' button to confirm your elections and print a copy of the Confirmation Page to keep for your records. A Confirmation Statement will also be mailed to your home address after your election period has ended.

ADP Portal Questions

For ADP Portal User ID or Password issues, contact the OET Customer Service Center at 602-506-4357. Be prepared to provide your Employee ID number that starts with "811xxxxxx." This number is located on your Benefit Enrollment Worksheet or paycheck statement.

After Enrolling in Benefits

  • Respond to the Dependent Verification Audit if you've added dependents to your coverage.
  • Submit Evidence of Insurability (EOI) for life insurance, if applicable.
  • Verify correct premium deductions are being taken on your pay statement.
  • Learn about your retirement benefits with the Arizona State Retirement System or the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System for the State of Arizona.